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ALT Serious Color mixed - with screenplay, map, and screenshots.png


While I don't have a hard background in graphic design, I am quite skilled in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and took two years of design classes in high school. The following is a mix of flyers, banners, posters, logos, mixed media headshots, maps, and a pamphlet.

WIP Neon Phoenix Paper style - halftone dots.png
ALT Serious BW mixed - with screenplay, map, and screenshots -with fix.png
The Neon Phoenix Traditional Poster alt text.png
LGBTQ Filmmaking Wallpaper.png
General Half Sheet.png
Map of the Greater Phoenix Metro Refined- V2-01-01-01.png
Disctrict Map (Style Reference)-01.png
Layout Rough Draft Practice_Brochure Outside.png
Layout Rough Draft Practice_Brochure Inside.png
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