TRANSCENDING TIME (On Festival Run )     2020

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, LGBTQ

Runtime:  11 minutes

Synopsis:   A time-traveling transgender therapist goes back in time to visit his younger self before he came out during his darkest hour to provide some hope for tomorrow.

Director of Photography:  Brandon Ripp

Producers:  Michael Kaufmann

Talent:  Gene Ganssle, Cyd Gambill, Genevieve Reagan, and Laura Mestas

Short Film

THE NEON PHOENIX (Post-Production)             2020

Genre: Sci-fi, Noir, LGBTQ

Runtime:  36 minutes

Synopsis:  After being resurrected from death through amazing technological achievements, a lesbian cyborg investigates the factory explosion that ended her wife's life. 

Director of Photography:  Alex Tetzner

Producers:  Faith Rolon, Julie Tjalas, & Brenna Potts

Talent:  Zehra Hodzic, Rashaud Williams, Jared Valin, & Jett Poncy

Fun Fact:  Sean Young (Blade Runner, Dune) recorded a voice-over cameo for this film.

Short Film

Finding Light in a Neon City (original title)

JUST THREE WORDS                                  2018

Genre: Romance, LGBTQ, Experimental

Estimated Runtime:  3 minutes

Synopsis:  A young woman named Ava reads a poem to confess her love to her girlfriend in a poem that chronologizes their relationship.

Director of Photography:  Allorie Feekes

Producers:  Bethany Henthorne & Julie Tjalas

Talent:  Itzel Romero & Naomi Simpson

Fun Fact:  The idea to make this film is loosely based off a relationship Julie was in.

Short Film

HARLEM AND JOHNNY                                  2019

Genre: Machinima, Drama, Action, Comedy

Runtime: 10:19 minutes

Synopsis: When two gangsters in a post-apocalyptic world, Harlem and Johnny, are sent to take care of some business rivals, Johnny realizes that he might want more in life.

Producer:  Julie Tjalas

Talent: Jordan-Kerry Mitchell, Markel Toves, Angelica Jimenez, Glenn Ferm, Chai Chapin 

Fun Fact: It's a supercut of Julie's web show, Vice and Sin.

Short Film



Genre: Romance, LGBTQ, Experimental

Runtime:  04:57 minutes

Synopsis:  One scene where two friends express their love of the band, The Ink Spots, is interpreted in three different ways.

Director of Photography:  Moriah Nejadeh

Producers:  Julie Tjalas & Michael Kaufmann

Talent:  Itzel Romero, Jared Valin, Bryan King, Jordan-Kerry Mitchell, and Kai Chapin

Open Scenes


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